New PMPDF release

Bart Van Leewuen released a new PMPDF version:

  • Major redo off dialogs, thx to xwphelpers
  • filename bugfixing
  • better implementation of PDFMark support
  • fixed several other bugs

Current status

Its time for a status message I think. I've been really quiet lately, mostly because of the work in WSE. in the mean time I did do some interesting developement:

  • Wordpro integration
  • latest ghostscript features
  • new internal structure
  • new setting dialogs
  • auto generate feature
  • auto filename feature
as soon as I tackled various install problems and confirmed stability I'll annouce a new version !

New PMPDF packages

Tonight I uploaded 3 new packages of PMPDF, no new functions just a new install method. WarpIn was to buggy and didn't work correctly. This REXX script although not as flashy as WarpIn should do the trick...

there are 3 packages:

  1. only pmpdf
  2. pmpdf with PScript Driver
  3. pmpdf with PScript Driver and latest GhostScript (v7.03)

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